The purpose of this document is to inform the participants about the administrative policies and procedures of the program for Inclusion Institute Certified Diversity Practitioner™ (“IICDP”) credentials program.


The parties mentioned in this document are as follows:

  • The People Company Consulting Group LLC, d/b/a The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute, a limited liability company, is located at 6709 Raymond Road, Suite 117,Madison, Wisconsin. The words “we” or “our” in this document shall be deemed to refer to The People Company Consulting Group.
  • Participant: any individual who applies for the IICDP credentials and their associated business, partners, or other third party.
  • Designee: refers to individuals who have successfully completed the program.
  • An “unauthorized user” is defined as anyone who has not formally applied for the IICDP credentials with The People Company Consulting Group LLC.
  • Diversity Practitioners: Refers to individuals who achieved certification after completing the IICDP Program and are currently working in the diversity area through that certification.

This document is intended for the program participant(s), thus the words “you” or “your” within this document will be understood to be addressed to the participant(s).


The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion InstituteLearning Management System (“LMS”) is designed to provide convenience, collaboration, and improved program functions. When you register as a new program participant, you may access certification information; course schedules;the online curriculum;program participant final project material; and much more. Existing program participants, or individuals who deferred taking the examination, will be able to access it and upload their final project.

A program participant’s access to the LMS system expires six months after completion of the course work.For extended access participants must submit a request with a detailed explanation for the request.

Designees may log, recertification credits, facilitate online classes, or review program participant projects in exchange for continuing education credits.

The content on the LMS is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and is protected under American copyright laws. Please do not share your access to LMS with any unauthorized users.violators will have their online access to LMS permanently revoked.

Subject to these policies and the Terms of Use, The People Company Consulting Group LLC grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to use  our  services and LMS for the specified time.  The use  of  these  services  does  not  give  you  ownership  of  any  intellectual property rights in our services or content you access.


Program participants are expected to take the exam and submit the final project on the final day of their program. If for some reason a participant is unable to complete the exam or the project, a written request to extend the deadline must be submitted to admin@ppl-co.com before the last day of the course. The request will be reviewed and the Participant will be notified about the request for an extension. Keep in mind, that should you fail to request an extension before the final day of your program, you will lose part of your registration fee and may be required to pay a $350 Exam Cancellation fee in order to take the exam and submit your final project.

After taking the exam,the program participants will receive an email with their exam score. The email attachment will indicate your score in each competency for a cumulative result. The cumulative score on the knowledge-based exam must be equal to or greater than 80.00% in order to be eligible for IICDPcredentials. Please note the score must be a clear 80.00% as IICDP does not round to the heaviest loth (e.g., 78.23% is not a passing score). The program participant’s final project results and exam scores are separate (i.e., a passing score in one will not offset the other).

You will be notified as to whether you passed the exam and final project in writing within approximately five(5)business days of taking the exam and submitting the final project. The passing notice will not contain any qualitative feedback or interpretive remarks. This level of feedback is strictly prohibited because it raises issues around fairness and test security.

Successful program participants will receive a certificate, and will be listed on The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute’s online directory of certified diversity practitioners. Designees should begin using the IICDP credential after their name immediately upon notification of success.

If a Program Participant does not pass the exam, they may re-take the exam within 90 days at no additional cost. Subsequent retakes will cost an additional $599. Program Participants will be notified and provided with an opportunity to make revisions and resubmit their final project one time only. The project will be assigned to a different reviewer upon re-submission.


Recertification is the process of renewing your credentials by providing affirmation that you are committed to leadership, learning, and contributing to the body of knowledge in the field. The IICDP credential is valid for three years; therefore, you must recertify to maintain your designation without a lapse.

Recertification demonstrates your dedicationto the field and proves your mastery of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Culture concepts and practices. Before getting started in recertification activities, you should first assess where you want to grow professionally. Then you should keep track of all activities that could count toward diversity recertification.

The recertification cycle begins the first day of the month after notification of IICDP success. You may either retest or earn recertification points by participating in professional development activities. If the latter option is chosen, you must accrue 60 credits per three-year recertification cycle to qualify. Fulfilling 60 credits will meet the requirements for recertification; it is not necessary to exceed 60 credits unless you are not sure if the activitywill be approved.The recertification fee is $50. If a certification lapses more than one (1) year, designees will have to retest, but will not have to submit another program participant project. The rate in effect at the time for the IICDP exam will apply. If the study guide has changed, you may purchase a new guide for 50% off using a Promo Code available upon request.

Log in to your account on the website at www.ppl-co.com to find the Recertification modules. Begin with the module “Recertification” to track your first 3-year cycle. In subsequent 3-year cycles, use Recertification 2, 3, etc.




Continuing Education •  3 recertification credits for each college/university course

•  6 recertification credits per full-day conference (6-8-hour event)

•  1 recertification credit per hour of instruction for webinars, seminars, or workshops

Diversity courses at an accredited college or university; conferences; workshops, seminars or webinars offered by professional associations, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, state Human Rights Commissions, professional associations, law firms or other seminars
Speaking & Instructing •  1 recertification credit for every one (1) hour of facilitation or instruction

•  2 recertification credits for reviewing an IICDP Program Participant Project or facilitating an IICDP prep course

Keynote/workshop presentations; instructing a course in diversity; speaking engagements to students or professionals on the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion; peer reviewing an IICDP Program Participant Project; or facilitating an IICDP prep course
On the Job Experience •  1 recertification credit for every hour spent developing a new diversity, equity and inclusion intervention at work. (You may show time in 15-minute(s)increments, e.g., 1.00, 1.15, 1.30, 1.45). Design a new strategic diversity plan; establish a new supplier diversity program; develop new diversity training curriculum; create a new succession plan for the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; or launch a new multicultural marketing campaign
Research & Publishing •  1 recertification credit for every hour spent researching, writing and editing. (You may show time in 15-minute(s) increments, e.g., 1.00, 1.15, 1.30, 1.45). Write, co-author or edit a book on the subject of diversity; publish an article in a journal or periodical; write a blog on a timely diversity, equity and inclusion issue; conduct significant research in the field of diversity outside of the workplace; or contribute to IICDP curriculum updates
Professional Memberships •  3 credits for SHRM, NAAAHR or other national / international organizations

•  2 credits for statewide or local organizations

Annual membership with the Society for Diversity, SHRM, NAAAHR, or other national or international organizations with a focus on diversity; or membership in a state/local diversity organization (Note: Credit is calculated annually. For example, if a designee maintains a membership with the SHRM for 2 years, then the recertification credit is 6 hours.).
Leadership & Recognition (Outside of the Workplace) •  1 credit per hour up to a maximum of 10 credits per activity per year; Subtract all non-educational time from the full length of the activity; you may show time in 15-minute(s) increments, e.g., 1.00, 1.15, 1.30, 1.45 Board positions; chairing a committee, conference or task force on diversity; testifying before congress or state legislators on the subject of diversity; mentoring; or winning an award for diversity and inclusion



Webinars, data presentations and other electronic recordings may be accessed by candidates up to six (6) months after completing the course. The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute maintains a professional file for each program participant and designee. The file includes the application for credentials, score report(s), final projects, certificate, recertification credits and other information pertinent to the professional development of each Program Participant/designee. These records are kept on file indefinitely and maintained regularly. Should you move or change jobs, please notify us so that we can update our records.

Once a program participant applies for IICDP credentials, you will not be required to submit another application in the event that you do not pass the exam, or a significant period has lapsed between initial enrollment and taking the test.


The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute’s program is the industry-leading standard for diversity, equity and inclusion certification because we value feedback. We work hard to ensure that this Program exceeds your expectations and work to resolve any problems that may arise during the course of our services. Hence, The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute maintains an exceptionally high standard of quality and professionalism. Our service guarantee is 100% satisfaction with the credentialing process. Therefore, The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute encourages program participants to share their expectations, feedback, and recommendations for improving subsequent program participant experiences with the Program. Should you have a complaint or feedback, please contact us immediately by phone or email:

Phone: (608) 291-4654 or (312) 933-9554 |Email: admin@ppl-co.com.

You may also speak with the Registrar via email. Outside of weekends or holidays, we will respond to your concerns within five (5) business days. If the problem has not been satisfactorily resolved, feel free to escalate your concerns directly to the Founder and Chief Consultant.


Should a Program Participant disagree with a decision made by The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute, the Program Participant has the right to appeal the decision.Appeals must be made in writing and sent to The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute within 15 days of the determination. Appeals may be sent by e-mail or mailed to:

Email: admin@ppl-co.com | Mail:The People Company Consulting Group |

6709 Raymond Road, Suite 117, Madison, WI 53719

The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute Advisory Board will review the determination and decide within 45 days. The program participant will be notified by e-mail or mail of the final decision.



If you have questions about any information herein, contact us at admin@ppl-co.com. We are here to help.