A natural leader and advocate for just causes, Jared Biddle is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison pursing a Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies with certificates in history and leadership. On campus, he gained a passion for social justice work and uses his skills to cultivate change, incite fruitful diversity centered dialogue, and enact change through equitable diversity strategizing.

Jared has served as the President of Wisconsin Black Student Union, Vice President and Co-Founder of the Student Inclusion Coalition (SIC), Volunteer Coordinator at the Campus Women’s Center, and representative on the Student Services Finance Committee of the Associated Students of Madison. In each of Jared’s roles on campus, he strives and challenges his peers to think about how they can create a more inclusive environment for all students.

After graduation, Jared aspires to combine his passions of fashion and diversity initiatives into a career centered around creating a lucrative platform for his personal style. With this platform, he hopes to utilize his identities to establish a presence in high fashion, social media, and marketing.

Jared is an Inclusion Institute Certified Diversity Practitioner through The People Company LLC.  His work is centered on implicit bias, microaggression and generational differences with emphasis on Generation Z.

Jared Biddle

DEI Associate | Speaker