DEI assessment (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) is a process for obtaining valid data and information about the performance of an organization on key DEI factors. Assessment is a critical step to long-term success, as it provides a data-driven understanding of organizational current state around DEI. It facilitates identifying opportunities to deepen DEI commitment and guide decisions around strategic resourcing and action planning.  Assessment also establishes a baseline from which to celebrate what is working well, and measure progress along your DEI journey.

The People Company Consulting Group DEI Assessment

With a DEI Assessment, The People Company Consulting Group uses a diversity, equity and inclusion lens to assess your organization using data-driven insights to inform strategies that can achieve real change.

We leverage our own organization’s diversity and expertise to ensure assessment excellence in design, execution and analysis. We have a proven track record of strategically and collaboratively working with clients through DEI transition and growth.

Our DEI assessment team delivers relevant and reliable data brought to life through presentations that connect the findings with the action you can take to address your most pressing DEI concerns.

DEI Assessment Solutions from The People Company Consulting Group

We provide a range of assessment solutions and methods to meet your needs. These include, among others:

  • Organization-Wide DEI Survey (web-based)
  • People Practices Review (Human Resource Practices, Procedures, and Processes)
  • Organization-Wide Demographic Data Review
  • One-on-One Interviews with Key Stakeholders
  • Focus Groups
  • Development and Education Review
  • Community Involvement
  • Community Partner Review
  • Marketplace Opportunity
  • Organizational Observations
  • Supplier Diversity
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