Become a Certified Diversity Practitioner

Diverse, inclusive companies and organizations outperform their competitors.

As a Certified Diversity Practitioner, you’ll be equipped to create and implement strategies that improve diversity, equity and inclusion in any industry. You will learn the strategies and develop the skills to lead change, impact organizational culture, and measure DEI effectiveness.

DEI Certification Overview

The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute™ Certified Diversity Practitioner Program prepares professionals to create and implement highly successful Diversity, Equity and Inclusion [DEI] strategies for organizational excellence and a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

We currently offer our program in three formats:

  1. Fully Online with online course content plus live Zoom lectures and discussions
  2. Accelerated with online course content, lectures and discussions
  3. Independent Study option with access to our online curriculum

The Fully Online and Accelerated In-person formats are intensive programs delivered through online content, live lectures, discussions, activities, case studies, group projects and guest presentations. Blending theory and practice, this course will give you the skills and confidence to lead diversity initiatives at your organization that can achieve trackable results.

With the Fully Online virtual format, you and your cohort will attend two and a half days of live instruction. You’ll also have the opportunity for ongoing professional development as you build your network with future certified diversity practitioners.

The Accelerated Certified Diversity Practitioner Program allows the same opportunity to connect with your cohort and expand your network of DEI professionals over 5 days of virtual classroom learning.

When you complete the program, you will be recognized as an IICDP™ (Inclusion Institute Certified Diversity Practitioner). The knowledge you acquire will put you at the forefront of the diversity, equity and inclusion profession and position you to influence the attitudes, values, decisions and actions that impact people from different backgrounds, voices and experiences. You will be able to help corporations, organizations and individuals work more inclusively, creatively, productively and think, do and be better at what matters most.