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Learning Circles: Exploring Inclusion

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Exploring Inclusion Learning Circles investigate the concept and practice of inclusion by diving into what it means to be excluded, what true inclusion looks like, understanding what anti-racism means, and discovering ways to create belonging. Learning Circle participants will increase their understanding as a team while learning how to the increase teams’ understanding and action related to cultivating environments and relationships that are better for all people.

In the complex multicultural contexts in which we increasingly find ourselves, people are faced with important choices about their way of thinking, doing and being in relation to others. This complexity requires us to become more purposeful and competent at creating workplace and community environments that are inclusive, collaborative, respectful and productive.

The People Company Consulting Group’s training philosophy is to meet participants where they are and, from there, build understanding. Our strategy is to impart new information, challenge current assumptions and build up and into participant current truths and understandings, so that each person can grow personally and professionally. In our Learning Circles, we encourage participants to better know themselves and discover how their perspectives, decision-making and actions impact workplace relationships and success. We also aim to help people learn to be bridge builders and inclusion-minded, inclusion-behaving professionals.

We do this by presenting high-quality, content-rich experiences to educate, energize and engage while creating a safe space for self-reflection as well as discussion and questioning. We believe training and education unpacked over multiple small group meetings with strategies practiced in between is an effective delivery method, which facilitates solid opportunities to best embed new learnings into organizational culture.

The Exploring Inclusion curriculum is structured into three parts: Think Better. Do Better. Be Better. Each part contains two lessons that will engage Learning Circles in interactive learning and concrete skill-building. For each lesson, Learning Circles will be expected to complete pre-work, online content and engage in a discussions and activities to digest the material, its implications, and translate the learning into action. As Learning Circles progress through the curriculum, they will leave more equipped to make and sustain needed change individually, professionally and organizationally.

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